WAG Team Future Camp

Squad 1 gymnasts Jannah and Olivia (along with coach Paige) were invited to attend the Team Future training camp which was held from May 30th to June 3rd at the AIS in Canberra. While there, the girls had a very busy schedule which involved training up to 6.5 hours a day, as well as participating in other activities such as self massage, video seminars, and hot/cold recovery pools! During the training sessions the girls had the privilege of working with coaches from the national staff, including Australian head coach Peggy Liddick. Under the guidance of the master coaches, the girls were able to start work on some new skills, as well as refine some old ones!

To top off a great week, both Jannah and Liv were both named to the Team Future Squad for 2016. This means they not only did well in their skills testing throughout the year, but also met the necessary qualifying score in competition.

Below are a few photos from the week:

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