Kids Special Needs Gymnastics and
Trampoline Private Lessons Perth

We’re for one, and we’re for all.


Our Special Needs program provides a safe and fun environment for any age, for those with physical or intellectual disabilities. Wish to simply bounce on our trampolines, or use our gym equipment? Now you can.

Our general classes have a successful integration policy, so you’re more than welcome to come and experience the Gym this way. If this is too overwhelming, we also offer Special Needs classes.

Classes are run when the gym is a bit quieter, so there is less chance of being distracted and reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed.
Classes are run by staff with extensive experience dealing with special needs children and adults.
We also happily offer one-on-one sessions. We’re proud to offer these classes and sessions and look forward to meeting our future stars!



Pricing for a private, one-on-one half-hour class is a monthly fee of $171.50. This is for 4 or 5 sessions during the month.
In addition to this, there is an Insurance and Registration fee required by Gymnastics Western Australia, which is $80 a year.
There is a new members one-off joining fee of $25 per person, then you’re in our system for life!