Our Equipment

Janssen Fritsen

High Flyers boasts a wide range of equipment for all of our gymsports
Firstly, we have a fully sprung Olympic Sized floor area. We also have 2 vault tables; one being a Janssen Fritsen.


Two full sets of Acromat ‘A bars’
Three competitive and two practice beams (Acromat)



Our parallel bars area is set up with full podium matting with Gymnova parallel bars. We also have two full sized pommels and 2 mushrooms. There are three sets of high bars with one full competitive Gymnova set. The rings are made up of a set of practice rings and one competitive Gymnova set.



Two 4×4 competitive Eurotramp beds
Four Ross competitive beds
One Eurotramp double mini trampolines


Competitive red tumble floor.
20 metre inflatable track
10 metre power track

We have a gym pit area with two single bars over the pit and two competitive trampolines in the pit. Tumbling and vault also exit into the pit area.