To All Young Athletes and Students – Help Me Help You

Every coach and every teacher would like to say that to each of their athletes and students. Help us help you. Help us help you become terrific. Help us help you improve and impress yourself with more and more successes.

Sometimes it feels like the coaches/teachers are doing 70% of the work and the athlete/student is giving 30%. That doesn’t help your progress. We need to know how you are feeling. We need to know what you need. We are partners in your progress and successes.

You can improve fast or slow. It depends on how well we are working together. We don’t want to have to guess how you are feeling. We don’t want to have to guess about whether you really want this new skill. We don’t want to drag you to success. We want to sprint with you toward your real potential. Help us help you.

Your attitude at practice and at competitions matters. Walk into each practice with a “I am going to improve” attitude. We don’t want to fight you. We don’t want to have to push you all of the time. You should be the pusher. You should be pushing your coaches and teachers to be the best they can be. We are not the enemy but we feel like that sometimes.

Your success and happiness is very, very important to us. Help us help you.

(A simple message every athlete should read and discuss about once a month. Share with your team or your athlete if you think the message will help.) (Let me know if you are going to share it.) Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook

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