Teachers, Coaches and Parents – You Want To Be Treated Like A Young Adult?

(For 11 year olds and older)

We are waiting for the time you can be treated like a young adult. The adults in your life are waiting to see the signs of you acting older. Whining, stomping into your room slamming the door, throwing things when you are angry, arguing all of the time, are all 5 year old type behaviors, not young adult type behaviors.

We don’t expect you to agree with everything that happens but a more mature young adult understands that things need to be worked out rather than you “getting your way” all of the time. And yes, the time you can make ALL of your own decisions is getting closer but it isn’t here yet. Parents still have some rights in how things happen in your life. WE WANT YOU to make more and more decisions as you show us you spend more time acting like a young adult rather than a child. Be smart, act more mature and responsible for your actions and words and you will GAIN. You will get more of what you want. Fight us and you will get less and less.

Taking Steps Forward – It is all about taking steps toward what you want. Take a step and act more responsible. Take a step and discuss things rather than argue. Take a step and understand the position of your parents rather than just your position. Take a step and accept jobs around the house and get them done without being reminded 3 times. Take a step and understand we can give you a little more but we can’t give you EVERYTHING at this time.

Taking Steps Backwards – If you want to lose some steps and go backwards then:

  • Lie to us.
  • Throw a temper tantrum.
  • Be lazy.
  • Have a negative attitude a lot of the time.
  • Always complain when a family decision is made.
  • Treat your parents like they have lost all of their intelligence.

We want you to grow into a very special young adult. We want to treat you like that too. Help us take the steps to what you want. Let’s work together. That is if you really want to be treated like a young adult. (Share with your friends if they have challenging 11& overs.) Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook