Prime International Invitational Singapore

WAG Results: 

Lots of medals and lots of trophies, with every gymnast winning at least one individual medal.

Level 5 Juniors

Jayde – 5th vault, 6th overall
Grace – vault champion!
Daisy – 2nd bars, 2nd beam, 5th floor, 3rd overall

Level 5 Seniors

Kerys – 2nd bars, 6th overall
Maya – 2nd floor, 2nd overall, and uneven bar champion!

2nd place team! ?

Level 6 Junior

Annalise – 5th vault, 4th bars, 4th beam, 6th floor, and 3rd overall

Level 7 Junior

Eva – 3rd floor
Darcy – 2nd beam
Liv – 5th overall, and beam champion!
Jannah – 3rd bars, 3rd overall

Level 7 Senior

Millie – 3rd vault, 2nd floor, 5th overall
Harriet – 3rd beam, 3rd floor, 3rd overall
Grace – 3rd bars, 2nd overall, and floor champion!

The level 7 girls placed 2nd as a team, by the smallest of margins! They were only 0.05 behind the winning team!! All the WAG girls and their fantastic results helped contribute to High Flyers being crowned overall club champions of the competition!


MAG Results:

Open Level 5
Team – 2nd 173.500

1, Taj Garmony 58.750 (Rings-2nd, Vault-3rd, P-bar 1st, High bar-1st)
5, Jens Crosbie 57.800 (floor 3rd, Ring-3rd, P-bar2nd)
6, Porter Stewart 56.850 (vault-1st)
8, Divan Van Meersbergen 55.800 (Pommel-2nd)

Open Level 6
1, Rio Bowling 58.050 (floor-2nd, Ring-3rd, vault-3, p-bar-1st)
3, Nathaniel Inouye 55.900 (pommel-3rd, rings-2nd, p-bar-2nd, high bar-1st)
5, Jacob Sheppard 52.400 (vault-2nd, 3nd)

Open Level 7
2, Matthew Roberts 58.667 (floor-1st, rings-1st, high bar-2nd)
3, Ryan Ciupac 58.433 (pommel-3rd, vault-3rd, P-bar-2nd)
5, Oliver Radotic 57.433 (rings-2nd, p-bar-3rd)

Junior international
6, Jeremy Choong 66.500

Here are some of the photos of the event:


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