Parents, Teachers and Coaches – Underappreciated Teachers and Coaches

Comes with the territory? We all knew we were entering an arena of scrutiny, criticism and people constantly looking over our shoulders? When did teachers and coaches get to be the bad guys and girls? When did we lose the trust? Aren’t 95+% of us doing a fantastic job?

It feels terrible to feel underappreciated. Especially when you put your heart and soul into these kids. Yes, we are passionate about what we do and we KNOW we are making a difference, but an occasional pat on the back is asking too much? People expect us to stay self motivated when we are constantly watched, evaluated and questioned? It wears on us. The kicker is that the complainer parents are more free to voice their opinion to us. The supporter parents are usually less vocal and assume that we are alright. It is human nature to desire to be appreciated. Especially in an area we care so much about, the training of our young people.

Imagine the world without us. We are training the youth of the world. We are changing attitudes. We are expanding their goals, their confidence. We are showing them the path to success. We are building prepared young adults for life beyond sports, parents and adult help. We are giving them the tools to make it out there. When they are mostly alone. When their decisions on any particular day can change their lives for good or for bad.

And we want to be a little more appreciated? We are so weak. We should do all of this hard work teaching and coaching for just personal satisfaction. Most of us certainly aren’t getting rich doing this. We are so weak. To expect a parent to occasionally say “thanks for changing my child.” “Thanks for giving her more confidence.” “Thanks for caring.” That is asking a lot.

YOU are making a difference. Without you most of these children would be weaker. Most of them would not attack life with the confidence and tools to be successful. YOU are important. YOU are needed. YOU are indispensable. I have to believe that most parents feel this way, they just don’t think we, the teachers and coaches, need a show of appreciation. They are so wrong.

It is the holiday season, probably lots of plates of cookies coming your way and maybe a few homemade ornaments. I would give all of that up for a few more honest “wow, you are having an impact on our child.” “Our family is better because you are in our lives.” Teachers and coaches – I hope to give you something in the next couple of weeks to show you how appreciated you are. Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook

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