Milly’s UPDATE

Hi guys, I’ts Milly!

I Just wanted to give you all a quick update about my Scholarship and Knee surgery recovery.

I am super lucky that the Gym has continued to support me through my VERY long recovery. I am so
grateful for the opportunity to represent the Gym.

I had my operation on the 5th May, so am now 5 months post op. The operation was called a Bilateral (Both knees) Medial Femoral Condyle OCD Fixation (which basically means they put nails in the bottom of each Femur to reattach the damaged bone and cartilage).

I had 6 weeks on crutches, then lots of weeks of general walking, no steps, landings, running etc. I am now just starting to be allowed to increase training in regard to loading, strength and conditioning, landings and running (FINALLY) I am under the care of a Physio and Chiro and am currently looking for a Strength and conditioning coach to guide me through the next stage of my recovery.

It has been super tough, frustrating and challenging both physically and mentally, but I found it has helped me to continue to go into the gym even though I can’t do much. It has been good to keep in touch with my teammates and coaches and the club who have been really supportive of me just hanging around the place and annoying everyone. Staying involved with the gym has helped me to keep busy and continue to have a routine and be in my happy place.

My physio explains the processes that I need to go through knowing how hard, frustrating and long the road back will be, but at least I know up front what I am dealing with, and this helps to keep me motivated and positive. I am trying to stick to my rehab program and listen to the advice of the experts. I am also trying to use this time to work on other aspects of my gym, such as mental imagery.

My future plans are to try and make Nationals again. But also remembering to listen to my body and take the time it needs to heal properly. As they keep telling me you can’t rush rehab!!!!!!!.

I hope that I am a good role model for other kids going through injuries. To show them that it is possible to work hard and that with patience and perseverance it is possible to get back to the level that you were before the injury or to be in a good head space even if it doesn’t work out quite like you hoped.

See you around the gym!

Milly xx

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