Kalam and Jeremy attended this year’s second “TEAM FUTURE” training camp

Team Futur_Octobre 16-19Last week, from 16th till 19th of October, two High Flyers’ boys (Kalam Thomson and Jeremy Choong) attended this year’s second “Team Future” training camp
at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra.
25 boys from around Australia were invited to participate in this Gymnastics Australia’s (GA) training camp. The boys were selected based on results from National Championships and the Virtual Assessment Tool (VAT) which is now implemented in the Junior Development Program.
The Camp was run by two Master Coaches on the floor: Sergey Chinkar (AIS) and Igor Bespalov (High Flyers). During the camp our boys had a great opportunity to re-evaluate their basic skills development and hear other coaches’ opinions about learning new skills. Also for the first time, boys’ speed was measured in the Vault run up. This will be retested in the future for a better control of vaulting development.
During these few days our boys also had to complete a Strength test.
GA proposed to run the Next “Team Future” training camp in mid-February of 2016. The skills’ video selection cut day will be 10 weeks before the camp (End of November)

Come on boys! Work hard and you can be selected to the GA “Team Future” training camp at AIS, Canberra next year.

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