Jayden Cooney selected for the National Squad Tour to Spain

Jayden Cooney selected for the National Squad Tour to SpainIt was with great joy that we received the news that our Trampoline Gymnast Jayden Cooney was selected to participate in the National Squad Tour to Spain.

This Tour will occur from the 5th to the 13th of September and will consist of an international training camp, the 2015 International Tournament Ciudad de Valladolid and the 2015 World Cup Competition, Ciudad de Valladolid.

To participate on the latter competition, Jayden still has to qualify on the  final trial for the 2015 world championships team on the 3rd national squad training camp of 2015, held in Adelaide on the weekend of 7th, 8th and 9th of August.

We had the pleasure of talking to her and found out how she is feeling after receiving the good news.

How did you feel when you found out you were going on the National Squad Tour to Spain?

Representing your country is the best feeling in the world, one that can’t be described in words. Receiving the email saying you’re selected on the Spain tour was a great feeling and accomplishment.

We know these past few months weren’t easy (Train and recovering from an ankle injury). Does the Tour seem like a reward for all your efforts?

I wouldn’t say a reward more me achieving a goal I had set for myself from day 1 of recovery. Recovery wasn’t easy at all knowing my dreams were going to get a lot harder since tearing all the tendons and ligaments in my foot. My goal was to represent Australia in Spain. The reward for myself will be completing 3 solid routines in Spain.

Would Competing the World Cup event in Spain be the “cherry on top”?

Competing in the world cup would definitely make my road to recovery a lot more successful. I would love to compete on the world cup team but just being fortunate enough to compete for Australia after an injury that could of ended my season is more than what I thought could be possible.

What are your expectations going in to this Tour?

My expectations are to make myself and my country proud. To give myself the best preparation and lead up possible to the event. I would love to go to Spain knowing that I have the best preparation under my belt. The competition, no matter world cup or tour, will be tough and I hope to simply do my best in circumstances I am given.

Could you share your plans for the near future?

My plans are to prepare for my upcoming world championship trials in Adelaide later this month with hopes to qualify myself for the world championship team. After that I hope to make the senior squad next year and represent my country more times at future world cup events.

On behalf of all High Flyer’s athletes and staff we wish Jayden all the luck on the final trial next weekend and a great time on the Tour.

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