Earlier this year the High Flyers Management team asked athletes to send in their applications to earn themselves a spot in the first ever High Flyers Scholarship Program.

This program was designed to reward athletes that have constantly demonstrated outstanding behaviour and performance in both their individual training and within the wider High Flyers Community.
Receiving a high volume of applicants it was a hard decision to pick just one, as all applicants were compelling in the application. However with the guidance of our Head Coaching Team we have selected the 2022 winners!

With Great pleasure High Flyers presents our 2022 Scholarship winners!


For the TRP Program our 2022 winner is: Holly Pethrick

Holly started her life in gymnastics back in 2009 and continued her training at a national level until she decided to make a change and join the High Flyers Trampoline team! From there Holly was snapped up very quickly into the Development squad now competing as an international stream athlete.

We asked Holly why she chooses to train at High Flyers and what her favourite thing about the club is, she replied:
“When I first quit Gymnastics I still wanted to do something that challenges my body, so I thought trampolining would be just the thing! After looking at a few different places High Flyers was the clear choice, they had friendly coaches a positive environment and great equipment they were defiantly to right choice for me. I can come in with confidence knowing I’m going to train with coaches that want the same things for me as I do and be surrounded by team mates who want to help me push forward and be successful”

When asking Holly what this scholarship means to her she replied:
“Winning this scholarship means I can go to training without feeling like my parents are pressured into paying my fees, it’s also boosted my confidence that I have been selected because the club believes in me”


For the WAG Program our 2022 winner is: Jannah El Hekma

Jannah has been with the club for 10 years now!

Having originally come to High Flyers during one of our holiday clubs Jannah was picked out of the crowd by our coaching team and very quickly brought in to trial in one of the clubs competitive squads! Since then Jannah hasn’t looked back and continued to become more and more involved in both the competitive training program and the Club itself eventually becoming a member of the High Flyers Coaching team.

When asking Jannah what this scholarship opportunity meant to her she replied:
“Winning this scholarship means a lot to me, knowing I have given a lot to the Club over the years is an honour to have that recognised and to be selected for this program. It makes me really happy to know that the Club see’s to potential in me and has selected me for this honour”

We asked Jannah what her favourite thing about the club is and she replied,
“My favourite thing about the Club is all the friendships and relationships you make between almost everyone there, everyone is basically one big family and they are always there to support me. High Flyers is such a positive place it really makes the whole vibe of the centre great!”


For the MAG Program our 2022 winner is: Todd Brinkworth

Todd has been with gymnastics since he was a young lad starting in Kindy Gym with West Coast Gymnasts.

With his talent being recognised quickly he was put into a development program and began his journey into competitive gymnastics.

In 2017 Todd was forced to find a new club as his former club had sadly closed their MAG program, it was at this point that Todd got involved with the High Flyers team with the coaching team at the time (being Igor & Kazu) playing a large part in his decision making, believing that it was the best fit the Further his skills.
When speaking to Todd we asked him what his favourite thing about High Flyers was, he replied:
“My favourite thing about High Flyers is the community and the centre itself, being able to accommodate gymnasts from MAG, WAG, Trampolining and Tumbling is incredible. The collaboration between all of these disciplines allows both athletes and coaches to grow and learn from each other”

We asked Todd what this scholarship means to him and he replied:
“Winning this scholarship means that I will have less financial pressure on me, I have just graduated from Curtin University and have begun working fulltime and so I have become financially independent from my parents. Being able to pay half fees will allow me to save towards national championships in May and for my overall future”


High Flyers would like to once again thank all of our athletes that applied for the program and encourage them to continue training hard and growing into the best versions of themselves. We would also like to ask all our members in joining us to congratulate Holly, Jannah & Todd on their achievements and wish them all the best with their continued growth and development.

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