2017 FIG Trampoline World Championships

High Flyers athlete and coach duo, Jack Petrie (Athlete) and Elliot Stratton (Coach), have just returned from Sofia, Bulgaria, where they were a part of the Australian team for the 2017 Trampoline World Championships.

Jack Petrie was selected onto the Australian Men’s Double Mini Trampoline Team (DMT), and Elliot Stratton was selected as 1 of the 2 Australian Team Coaches responsible for all DMT athletes. Team Mate Curtis Booth was also initially selected but unfortunately had to withdraw due to an ongoing injury. This was the first time that Jack has been selected onto a senior Australian team!

The pair left Perth on Monday the 30th October, alongside State and National Team colleagues Eva Kierath (Womens TRP and SYNC) and Leo Kimble (TRP Coach) from Peak Trampoline. The WA team members met up with the rest of the Australian team in Doha, Qatar. A 12-hour layover gave time to explore Doha, which was a fantastic experience for all, seeing a culture and city that probably isn’t a top holiday destinations!

After this flying visit to Qatar, the Australian team made their way to Sofia, Bulgaria, to settle into a 5-day training camp, before the official World Championships training and competition began.

During the training camp, Australia got to train alongside Kazakstahn and Mexico. This was a fantastic opportunity for the Australian athletes to see how some of the other emerging countries in our sport train, as well as looking into different athlete styles from across the world.

During the training camp, Jack demonstrated exactly why he had been selected onto the team. He showed good quality DMT passes, consistently through the 5-day camp, Not missing a single pass during any pressure test.

VIDEO: Jack training at the camp

On Monday the 6th of November, The 2017 World Championships official training started. This meant the arrival of every athlete and country competing at the event. Also, this was the first time the Australian Team could touch the competition equipment in the arena. All athletes used the 3 days training to adjust from the training hall equipment they had been using for the training camp, to the actual competition equipment in the competition arena. Jack did a fantastic job of this, hitting 2 solid passes during his final pressure test 2 days before his competition.

Friday the 10th of November was Jacks competition day. The Australian men’s team were in the first flight alongside Germany, South Africa and Denmark. Jack was up first for the Australian athletes, this was a highly pressured moment for Jack as not only was it his first senior world championships, but also this was a team world championships where every athlete’s passes could help or hinder Australia making the team finals.

Jack handled the moment with immense calmness, hitting 2 very solid passes to help Australia sit top of the leaderboard from flight 1 in the teams’ event, and Jack sitting 3rd in the flight for the individual event.

The Australian team then had the nervous wait of sitting and watching the remaining 3 flights of the men’s competition compete. However as each athlete competed, and each flight finished, it became clear that Australia would make the team final!!! Australia ended up qualifying in 2nd place behind reigning team world champions, Russia. A fantastic result.

Individually, Jacks performance secured him a 12th place finish, narrowly missing out on the finals by only 0.7!!!

This was a fantastic achievement by Jack at his very first World Championships. Jacks performance on the world stage showed he has a very bright future ahead of him at international level.

There was no time for celebrating, however, as the team finals were later that afternoon. Jack and the rest of the team headed back to the hotel for a few hours rest, before heading in to compete as a team against some of the best nations in the world for the sport of DMT.

In the team finals, Countries have to select only 3 of their 4 team members to compete, and all 3 scores count, leaving no room for mistake. Jack was selected in this finals’ team of 3, and also given the all-important 1st athlete position, to get the team off to a good start.

Jack did not disappoint! He yet again handled the pressure of his first Senior International final calmly and cooly to perform a fantastic pass, setting the Australian team up strongly with a score of 36.5. After round one, this placed Australia in 2nd Position behind Russia by only 0.3!!!!

Jacks teammates followed suit to perform 2 more strong passes, which by the end of the event had secured Australia a 3rd place Bronze Medal winning finish!

Jacks 3rd place team finals medal is the first Senior World Championships medal a High Flyers Athlete has ever won!!!

The whole club would like to congratulate Jack on a fantastic individual and team performance, We are also extremely excited about what the future holds !!!!! Bring on 2018!!!!


Event Link: http://www.trawchsofia2017.com/

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