2017 Autumn State Chamionships

Hi Team!
We just wanted to share with you some photos and the amazing results from the 2017 Autumn State Championships. Hope you like the photos and feel as proud as we do of all these amazing accomplishments!


TRP and TUM:
Click here for the TRP and TUM Results.



Grace – 5th bars
Daisy – 1st bars, 3rd beam
Tiarni – 4th vault, 3rd bars, 4th beam, 4th floor, 2nd overall
Madison – 1st bars, 1st beam, 2nd floor, 5th overall
Ellie – 4th floor


Olivia – 1st vault, 6th bars, 6th beam, 5th floor, 2nd overall
Darcy – 6th vault, 6th bars, 4th beam, 4th floor, 4th overall
Liberty – 3rd vault, 6th bars, 6th beam, 5th overall
Jannah – 4th floor
Millie – 6th bars
Harriet – 6th beam

3rd place for the level 7 team – Kylie-Ann, Izzy, Milly, Olivia, Darcy, Jannah


Maddy – 4th vault, 3rd bars, 6th beam, 5th floor, 5th overall
Grace – 6th vault, 4th beam, 5th floor


Level 7/U12
1, Taj Garmony
FX 2nd, PH 2nd, SR 4th, V 4th, PB 1st, HB 1st

2, Rio Bowling
FX 6th, PH 4th, SR 3rd, V 2nd, PB 1st, HB 2nd

4, Nathaniel Inouye
FX 3rd, PH 5th, SR 1st, V 1st, PB 5th, HB 4th

6, Alexander Williams
FX 4th, SR 6th, V 2nd, PB 6th,

7, Porter Stewart
PH 3rd, V 5th, HB 6th

Level 7 Open
6, Jacob Sheppard
FX 4th, PB 6th, HB 2nd

Level 8/U14
1, Matthew Roberts
FX 1st, PH 2nd, SR 2nd, V 1st, PB 1st, HB 1st

2, Oliver Radotic
FX 2nd, PH 1st, SR 1st, V 2nd, PB 2nd, HB 2nd

Level 9/U15
1, Jeremy Choong
All 1st

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