2014 TRP Australian Championships Results

After a long and tiring week, the 2014 Trampoline Gymnastics State Team returned home,bringing with them outstanding results. There were many standout performances, receiving bundles of gold, silver and bronze medals. Commendable efforts by all team members!

TRP Results

U/11 Male 3rd- Lachlan Robertson (High Flyers)
U/11 Female 6th- Lara Reeves
U/13 Female 3rd- Elise Rechichi (High Flyers)
U/15 Male 4th- Cian Breathnach (High Flyers) & Kai Torsvik
U/17 Male 1st- Samuel Fitzgerald (High Flyers)
17+ Male 2nd- Damian Draper (High Flyers)
17+ Female 3rd- Odette Sproston
Youth Male 6th- Isaac Ricketts (High Flyers)
Junior Male 1st- Curtis Booth (High Flyers)
Junior Female 2nd- Abbie Watts, 3rd- Jayden Cooney, (High Flyers) 4th- Naomie Ding


SYNC Results

U/11 Male 3rd- Lachlan Robertson (High Flyers) (WA)/ Ethan Dunn
U/13 Male 3rd- Jess Diffen/ Matthew Percic
U/13 Female 4th- Elise Rechichi / Maddison Hyde ( both High Flyers)
U/15 Male 3rd- Cian Breathnach/ Connor Scotland (both High Flyers)

4th- Kai Torsvik (WA)/ Dylan Hill

U/15 Female 3rd- Jasmine Pearson (WA)/ Demitria Andrellos
17+ Male 2nd- Damian Draper/ Samuel Fitzgerald (both High Flyers)
17+ Female 1st- Odette Sproston (WA)/ Rose Bowerman
Youth Male 4th- Liam Jeans/ Isaac Ricketts (both High Flyers)
Youth Female 4th- Leilani Golding/ Leanne Harrison
Junior Male 6th- Curtis Booth/ Jack Petrie (both High Flyers)
Junior Female 1st- Abbie Watts/ Jayden Cooney (High Flyers)

6th- Tamara Nicolson/ Naomie Ding


DMT Results

U/11 Male 2nd- Lachlan Robertson (High Flyers)
U/15 Female 3rd- Sarah Jones (High Flyers)
U/17 Male 2nd- Samuel Fitzgerald (High Flyers)
U/17 Female 6th- Kayla Nel (High Flyers)
17+ Male 4th- Damian Draper (High Flyers)
Youth Male 5th- Liam Jeans (High Flyers)
Junior Male 3rd- Jack Petrie (High Flyers)
Junior Female 3rd- Jayden Cooney (High Flyers)

5th- Naomie Ding

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