Spring State Results

Team Results
IDP 1 TEAM 1st Place (Kylie Ann, Daisy, Alannah)
IDP 2 TEAM 2nd Place (Jannah, Claire, Meg, Olivia, Amelia)
NDP 1 TEAM 3rd Place (Teiana, Grace, Alani, Olivia, Daisy)
NDP 4 TEAM 4th Place (Gaby, Millie, Aysia, Ashley, Alex, Tiarni)
NDP 5 TEAM 4th Place (Maddy, Aiysha, Harriet)

Individual Results
Well done to all gymnasts who competed in Spring states Championship
NDP 1-3- Many received Sliver and Bronze. Emily C received a gold medal.
Millie- 3rd overall, 6th Vault, 2nd on bars, 2nd on floor
Gaby- 4th Overall 2nd Vault, 3rd on Beam, 4th on floor
Aysia-4th Overall 6th Vault, 3rd on Bars, 1st on Floor
Ashley 5th Overall 3rd Vault, 5th on Beam, 3rd floor

Aiysha- 1st Overall 1st Vault, 2nd on Bar, 2nd on Beam, 2nd on floor
Maddy 2nd overall 4th Bars, 3rd on Beam, 5th On floor
Harriet 5th Overall, 5th On Beam, 4th On floor

A special mention to Harriet, Aiysha and Aysia who got into to the Talent Squad for 2014/2015 for High Flyers. These gymnast get 3 specialised training sessions at challenge Stadium with WA’s coaches that have been to Nationals and Coaches from WAIS.

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