Spring State Championships Results (MAG & WAG)

The 2015 Spring State Championships were held from the 10th to the 13th of September. During these 4 days our National and International Levels MAG and WAG gymnasts did their best, and their results are proof of that.
In the present article we will show you their Team and Individual results breakdown.

Spring State Championships


  • IL 4/6 Placed 3rd Jannah, Darcy, Amelia, Kylie ann, Isabella
  • National Level 3 Placed 3rd Emma, Grace, Aimee, Jaimee, Sophie, Sienna
  • MAG Level 3 Placed 3rd Luke, Hugo, Divan, Henry, Dylan
  • MAG level 4 Placed 1st Taj, Jens, Porter, Alexander
  • MAG level 5 Placed 2nd Nathaniel, Rio, Thomas
  • MAG level 6 Placed 1st Ludvig, Jacob, Noah, Oliver, Ryan, Matthew



National Level 3

  • Gold medal Emma
  • Silver Medal Grace, Sophie, Jaimee, Kayla, Alani, Olivia, Savanah
  • Bronze medal Daisy, Emily, Aimee, Sienna

International Level 4

  • Silver Medal Kylie Ann, Isabella

International Level 6

  • Gold medal Darcy, Amelia (WAIS/High flyers)
  • Silver medal Jannah

National Level 4

  • Jade 6th Beam/Floor

National Level 5

  • Annalise 1st Overall, 5th Vault, 2nd Bars/Beam, 1st Floor
  • Claire 2nd Overall 4 th Vault, 3rd Bars/Beam, 5th floor
  • Liberty 3rd Overall 2nd Vault, 3rd Bars, 5th Beam
  • Tiarni 4th Overall 4th Vault, 6th Bars, 2nd Beam
  • Ashley 5th Overall 3rd floor
  • Madison 6th overall, 6th bars, 2nd floor
  • Ellie 4th floor



Level 2

  • Jack 2nd p/bar, 6th h/bar
  • Zak 3rd Vault
  • Jarred 5th p/bar, 6th rings

Level 3

  • Divan 3rd overall, 2nd floor, 3rd vault/pbars
  • Luke 5th p/bars
  • Henry 2nd h/bar

Level 4 Aged

  • Taj 1st overall, 1st floor/pommel/vault, 2nd h/bar,p/bar/rings
  • Jens 2nd overall, 2nd floor/pommel/vault, 1st h/bar, p/bar, rings


  • Porter 2nd overall, 1st pommel/hbar, 3rd rings, 4th pommel
  • Alexander 3rd overall, 1st vault/ hbar, 3rd rings, 4th pommel

Level 5 Aged

  • Tom 1st overall, 1st pommel/vault/pbars, 2nd h/bar, 4th vault/floor
  • Rio 3rd overall, 1st Vault/hbar, 3rd rings, 5th floor, 6th pommel
  • Nathaniel 6th overall, 2nd pommel/pbars, 6th vault

Level 6

  • Ludvig 1st overall, 3rd floor, 1st pommel/vault/pbars, 2nd rings, 4th hbar
  • Oliver 2nd overall, 1st rings/hbars, 3rd vault/pbars, 4th floor/pommel
  • Matthew 3rd overall 1st floor/ vault, 2nd hbar, 3rd rings, 5th pommel/pbar
  • Ryan 4th overall 2nd pbar, 3rd hbar/pommel, 5th floor
  • Noah 2nd pommel, 4th vault
  • Jacob 6th vault


Here are some pictures from the event:

If you have any other photos (or videos) from Spring State Championships that you would like us to feature, please send them in to media@highflyerswa.com.

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