Parents, Teachers & Coaches – Building Internal Strength In Children

It’s not what is handed to them, it is what they reach for. It is what they desire and what they are willing to work for and be challenged by. Internal strength doesn’t come from what is “easy.” Internal strength comes from individual accomplished challenges not what the adults have handed out.

Internal strength doesn’t come from being picked up by others but getting up yourself. Looking in the mirror and saying “I can do this.” Not looking around and asking “who can help me.” We are developing a better young adult when we allow them to be challenged. Allow them to evaluate the challenges and then allowing them to prove themselves. Always clearing the path for them creates dependency on others rather than confidence to clear the hurdle.

Internal strength comes with a price. That price is an early life of “less easy.” Our young adults need to be stronger, tougher and more willing to bounce back. Our young adults need to know that “they” are the ones that make things happen. Less giving and more earning will make us proud of them later. Less entitlement. Less feelings that every minute life will be what you want it to be. Less adults bending the rules so that everyone is supposedly successful. Fake success.

Internal strength comes from adults creating situations where children are challenged with attainable success for them. To build confidence. To always give them the answers and to always protect them from slightly uncomfortable situations creates soft children who become soft young adults who become ill prepared adults for life on their own.

Build internal strength in your children. (Share with your team parents if you think this message may help.) Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook

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