10 Golden Rules of Gymnastics

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Here is a snippet of the Gymnastics Western Australia las post about FIG’s new unveiling of the 10 Golden Rules of Gymnastics:


The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has unveiled the 10 Golden Rules of Gymnastics an awareness campaign providing principles for participation with the goal of ensuring “a safe and respectful environment”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of youth protection and the fight against abuse of any kind; to remind everyone that mental and physical health comes first in all cases and to build a respectful, positive environment in gymnastics.

Athletes, coaches and officials provided feedback on early drafts and the 10 Golden Rules have been refined by the Safeguarding Working Group which includes 15 current or former athletes.


The 10 Golden Rules of Gymnastics:

I do gymnastics for fun
I pursue my own dreams, not someone else’s
I know that I will have good days and tough days
I listen to my body
I balance my passion for gymnastics with other big goals in my life
My health is more important than medals
I have the right to be respected as I am
I have the right to express myself freely, be heard and be treated fairly
I understand and respect the roles of the people around me
I act with fairness and integrity

The campaign also engaged with top athletes, coaches, sports administrators, sports figures and a number of national federations with whom shared their ideas and solutions at the FIG online conference to enhance the training environment.

FIG outlines that this campaign is the first of many steps. “As new generations of athletes and coaches show a strong will for change, the FIG is committed to supporting this positive shift of mentalities and leading all initiatives that contribute to not tolerating anymore the old, authoritarian training methods – however successful they might have been in the past.”

A press release from the FIG states “Although mentalities cannot be changed overnight with a magic wand, building a positive culture in sport is everyone’s business.”

For further information, posters and a video of “The 10 Golden Rules of Gymnastics” click here.

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