To Our Terrific Team Parents – 10 “Please Don’ts

Just a few reminders to help us create the best environment for your athlete to learn and grow:

*Please don’t be late picking up your athlete from practice. (Our own kids are waiting for us at home.)
*Please don’t voice team concerns with other team parents. Come to the coaches.
*Please don’t call out to your athlete during practices as it distracts everyone. Let us do our jobs.
*Please don’t be late to competitions with your athlete as this can add stress to the child that could hurt their competition.
*Please don’t confront a coach after a tough competition because they are feeling far worse than you. (Give them 24 hours.)
*Please don’t think that after your competition session the coaches go home like you do. Your coaches usually have 6 or 8 or even 10 more hours to work at the competitions.
*Please don’t get upset when a coach takes a night off from practice as most of these “crazy” coaches work 20, 25 or sometimes even 30 days in a row between gym practices and meet weekends. (Encourage them to take a night off so they can stay fresh.)
*Please don’t “ever” angrily confront a coach on the gym floor at practice or at a competition. These kinds of situations belong away from the general public and “especially” away from the young, impressionable athletes.
*Please don’t forget that we are here to make better young people as much, if not more, than making better athletes and winning awards.
*Please don’t ever forget that every child in our sports program is as important as everyone else. Regardless of talent.

We have a great thing going in youth sports, help us create the best learning and performing environment that we can. You are appreciated. We need to work as partners in giving these wonderful kids the best sports experiences to grow from.

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