Working Together – athletes/students, teachers, parents and coaches.

Working Together – athletes/students, teachers, parents and coaches.

To maximize our effectiveness as teachers and coaches we need to develop the trust of our students/athletes. This trust allows the young people to listen to our instruction and, with a clear mind, accept our teachings as a way to progress and learn. If there is only marginal trust in the teacher/student relationship, progress can be slowed as the student questions what our methods and instructions are.

Let’s make it clear, there is nothing wrong with an athlete or student asking a question of the teacher or coach, but “questioning” the intent or the knowledge or the purpose of the teacher/coach is vastly different. The athlete needs to believe that the coach knows what they are doing. A student should accept the teachings of the school teacher. The child should trust their parent to tell them the right thing to do. When the child starts “questioning” the knowledge, integrity and purpose of the instructions, problems can arise.

It is hard for a child to trust their teacher/coach if their parent doesn’t support those teachers and coaches. When the parent “questions” the techniques, rules or policies of a teacher/coach in front of their child, the child is learning something. If the parent shows marginal trust in the teachers/coaches, the children will learn from that. This slows their progress. The child isn’t as eager to follow the instructions of the teacher or coach. ??????????? Are in their head.

Children with negative thoughts about their teachers/coaches are hard to teach. Progress will be slowed. The trust is a must.

Parents with questions should work with the coaches and teachers in the background. Definitely away from the children. If you want your child moving forward at the fastest rate, support the coaches and teachers. What you say about the teachers/coaches in the car is important. What you say at the dinner table is important. We are not perfect but most teachers and coaches are in the 90 – 95% “great” range with what we do. Again, if parents are concerned, work with your teachers/coaches. We must do everything in our power to develop the necessary trust between teacher/coach and athlete/student.

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