So what happened this week? #3

So this is our third week after we created our “So what happened this week?” series. This week we have two High Flyers’ re-posts, three amazing videos and two external articles about GYMNASTICS!


So what are you waiting for, start reading/watching or check out what we shared on the past weeks:

– So what happened this week? #1

– So what happened this week? #2


Our Posts and Articles:

So what happened this week? #2

– Go For 2 & 5 Foundation Finale & Club Level Championships


Video Links:

– Incredible tumbling from Kristoff Willerton of GBR

– Rosie MacLennan relives the London 2012 Trampoline final

– POV Trampoline routine with Karen Cockburn


Other’s Posts and Articles:

– “Science Shows Gymnastics Is The Hardest Sport In The World!” by Bodyrock

– “The Dark Years: When Gymnastics is Too Painful to Watch” by Wendy Bruce Martin

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