So what happened this week? #1

Last week was a big one with a lot of events, news, medals, surprises, the works! For everyone who didn’t have the opportunity to catch up on all that happened, we did a little recap and threw in a few articles we think you might enjoy.


Our news from last week:

– Cutis Booth – Degree of Dificulty 15.2 (PB) at Club Championships

Some Interesting Passes

– World Championship Fundraiser “Slumber Party”

– Wangara High Flyers athletes bounce to medal wins

Young Perth star Jayden Cooney chases her Olympic dream


Some articles to fill up your Monday:

– 8 Ways a Gymnastics coach is like a  Superhero by Jag Gym Blog

– 12 lessons you learn the first year your child is a competitive Gymnast by Jag Gym Blog

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