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Recreational TeamGym

Gymnastics provides children with a strong foundation in movement and physical preparation required in all sports and everyday life.

High Flyers Recreational Team Gym Program for 10 plus-year-olds teaches children skills using all floor, tumbling and mini-trampoline apparatus. Skills are taught progressively through circuits and other activities and assist in improving strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. This is all done in a positive, fun, safe environment! Google TeamGym and see what you can do within the program, each state is slightly different but all work to the same guidelines.

Do you love doing saults, flips and want to represent your club as part of a team? Then forget everything that you imagine Gymnastics is and break the rules with TeamGym.

The TeamGym program provides a pathway for recreational and elite gymnasts. The path is open all the way to the top to international TeamGym. TeamGym was originally developed in Northern Europe where it is a highly popular sport and it is now expanding to other continents. Gymnasts compete in teams of 6-12 participants to showcase their skills and work together to provide performances that will have the audience on the edge of their seats

All 3 apparatus are performed to music making it an exciting and engaging competition for spectators and teams. Teams can compete at 3 levels and can be single-gender or mixed with no restrictions on age groups. Never used a single mini trampoline before or not interested in learning a floor routine, you just want to practice your tumbling skills? No problem, participants can pick and choose which performances they want to be part of as long as there is a minimum of 6 for each performance.
From our recreational program we talent ID all the gymnasts. If selected they will have the opportunity to join the competitive program squad working from ALP levels 1 to 10 or trampoline or tumbling competition squads.

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Please visit our PARENT PORTAL for all relevant information about Enrolments, Waiting List and Timetables.