Peak Challenge

Hey Team,

this past weekend our Tumbling and Trampoline gymnasts competed at the Peak Challenge for an opportunity to qualify for State Championships.


Level’s 1, 2 and 2A

For these level’s, this is a banded event where the gymnasts show their best routines and are awarded colored ribbons that represent how well they performed. All our gymnasts did an amazing job on these 3 levels.

Here are the results from our competitive Levels:

Trampoline Level 3 Girls

Abbie – 5th
Mia – 6th

Trampoline Level 3 Boys

Orlando – 1st
Taj – 2nd

Trampoline Level 5 Boys

Brock – 5th

Trampoline Level 6 Girls

Amber-Leigh – 4th

DMT Level 3 Girls

Abbie – 10th
Mia – 13th

DMT Level 3 Boys

Orlando – 1st
Taj – 5th

DMT Level 4 Boys

Brock – 1st

DMT Level 5 Girls

Amber-Leigh – 2nd

Tumbling Level 3 Girls

Jamie – 7th
Mia E. – 10th
Maddie – 11th
Samara – 13th
Mia S. – 14th

Tumbling Level 3 Boys

Orlando – 1st

here are some photos of the events:


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