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Our goal is to give our children a safe, happy and educational childhood. All three are very important. Many parents view the 1st 18 years in the life of a child as a base for developing the tools to be happy and successful for the remaining 60 years of their life. The vast majority of the life of every individual is “away from their parents.” We need to develop young adults who have the tools they need to make the right choices to be happy and successful. We have just a few years to do this before they “drive away” to college and their life away from our influence, protective umbrella and control. Are you actively developing that independent young adult?

It is a difficult task to teach “hard work ethic” if we don’t put our children in hard work situations.
It is a difficult task to teach “resilience” when we don’t let them fall down.
It is a difficult task to teach “decision making” when we always make the choices for them.

Parenting is difficult. Parenting is exhausting sometimes. But parenting is probably our most important job in life. And we can’t mess up this parenting job because we give too much, we expect too little and we give in too often. The tools they need are learned from us as we strive to get an “A+” in parenting. How serious is this? We don’t get a second chance with that young adult “driving away” to college and the rest of their life.

Do you want a hard worker driving away?
Do you want a smart decision maker driving away?
Do you want someone who is ready and willing to sweat driving away?
Do you want someone who is capable of getting up by themselves when they fall?

Your child will love you more for their independent 60 years if you give them the tools through smart, tough, high expectation parenting. Don’t succumb to the “I need you to love me” style of give, give, give parenting we see in some parents.

The “drive away” is closer than you think. (Share with your team parents if you think this message may help.) Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook

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