Parents, Teachers & Coaches – A Phrase We Need To Use More Often – “That Isn’t Good Enough.”

A passionate teacher says that phrase to a student she knows can do better. A “caring, involved, expectant coach” says that phrase to an athlete. A parent who wants their child “prepared when they drive away to college” says that phrase. When a student, athlete, daughter knows how to do something and then gives less then they are capable of, they cannot be allowed to accept that behavior.

“That isn’t good enough” is not a “I hate you” statement. It isn’t a “you are terrible” statement. It is a phrase from someone who cares. It is a brief evaluation of a brief moment of a behavior or attitude. It is a step in learning. I want teachers who are not afraid to say to a student “that isn’t good enough.” The message? “I expect more out of you.” The message? “You have demonstrated to me you know how to do something and now you should do it all of the time.”

This is not about “I know you can hit a homerun.” This is about “we worked on keeping your elbow up when you hit.” This is about “we worked for an hour on your hurdle on vault, you did it properly 20 times in a row and now I expect you to do it that way.” Teachers, coaches and parents should be able to teach these kids individual lessons and then EXPECT them to make that lesson a part of their normal behavior. That is NOT too much to expect of a seven year old, or a 10 year old or especially a 15 year old.

Children should start to live their lives thinking about what is expected of them. Life isn’t about “do whatever I feel like doing.” Life is not about “who cares what others think.”

If you are a parent, teacher or coach who is afraid to say “that isn’t good enough,” you are missing something. Parents – if you do not allow the teachers and coaches in the life of your child to be able to say that phrase, the progress of your child will be hurt. I want teachers, coaches and parents who see that phrase as a tool to inspire better behavior. Better attitudes. Better desire. That isn’t a crushing phrase. That is a phrase that says “I care, I won’t let you go down that path, I won’t let you be lazy, I won’t let you disappoint yourself.”

Children need hear that phrase when appropriate. Your children will be better because of it. (I would love to hear your comments about this subject)(If you like this message, share with your friends who are parents, teachers or coaches.) Tom Burgdorf and Gymnet Sports on Facebook

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