Parents, Coaches, Teachers & Owners – “Building A Champion” Part 3 Performance

Every child gains invaluable experience in sports regarding performance. It isn’t a trophy for the dresser, it is experience and learned talent for the rest of their lives. To be used for their advancement, their success and their confidence. To be able to perform in front of people is huge and opens additional opportunities that others may not have access to.

In building “champion young adults,” teaching performance under a little pressure is an under appreciated benefit to sports. Every child can benefit and improve their “performance skills” regardless of ability or level in sports. Every time your athlete takes their at bat at the plate or mounts the beam, they are gaining.

“Champion young people” tend to have the ability to step up in front of people with more confidence than others. This is an advantage they will have in all types of situation including job interviews. Is this something we want? Is this something just as important as winning a medal at a competition?

There are so many benefits to sports and sports instruction that has NOTHING to do with winning, getting promoted, being compared to others or making the Olympics. If we look at sports as being a valuable tool to “build champion young people” we can see that the size of the trophy has little to do with our ultimate end product and goal, a young person prepared for an independent, successful life. That has to be the goal!

For the adults in the lives of these young athletes to have a proper understanding of the real benefits of sports and sports instruction is critical. It isn’t about the external frills of medals and trophies it is about the internal enhancements that occur for every child. It isn’t about what is on the dresser, it is about the tools they collect and learn to use for their successful future. This is what is so exciting because EVERY child/athlete can ACHIEVE regardless of ability or level. EVERY child can collect tools and learn to use them for life on their own.

The goal, the ultimate success for every adult teacher, coach and parent, is the “prepared” end product young adult who we can look at and see the potential for a successful, happy and satisfying life. On their own after they leave us.

Every child can be a champion. (If the adults in their lives do a great job.)

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