MAG Judges Team Invitational

Our Level 2, 3 and 4 MAG boys competed this past weekend at the MAG Team Judges Invitational. It was a really fun competition with our boys performing at their best and bringing home some great results.


Here are our boys’ results from the weekend:
Level 2 – Second place (Lewis Beaumont, Oliver Bowen, Adam Byrne, Alex Zemtsov, Gregor Le Roux, Finn Hewson)

Level 3 – Second place (Leighton Toyne, Maxwell Fine, Owen Schneider, Alex Meeres, Ethan Needham, Liam Stolp)

Level 4 – Third place (Jack De Gaye, Hayden Matthews, Patric Fogarty, Darian Karamipour, Harry Orwell, Jarred Brunello)

Mix team – First place (Nathan Byrne L-3, Zak David-Moss L-4, Henry De Gaye L-5, Jens Crosbie, Flynn Costa L-6)

Here are some photos of the event:



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