High Flyers National Clubs Tour

As you may know, our team has been at Bendigo for the 2015 National Clubs Carnival. To make things a little bit different, we will be doing an ongoing post with photos and snippets of information our coaches and supporters send us. For more information follow these links:



27th September 2015 by Elliot Stratton:

“So, a quick report:
Level 9/10 TRP, Curt and Jack on finals. Jack won silver and Curtis missed the podium but did an amazing final routine!
Andy, Isaac and Lachlan made it to finals on level 6 DMT. Andy won Gold.

Travis was 1st going into finals on level 5 DMT and got a bronze medal. 
Liam final level 7 TRP and DMT.
Andy made finals on level 7 TRP and won Bronze.
Cleo went to finals on DMT Level 8 and won Silver.
Connor finalled and won level 8 DMT.
Curtis finalled in 2nd on level 9/10 but made a mistake in finals which cost him a medal.
Kayla finales and came 5th in level 7 DMT”

27th September 2015 by Jodie Nel:

“Level 5 DMT (boys) – Travis 3rd, Adam 11th
Level 5 TUM (boys) – Andy 5th”

26th September 2015 by Jodie Nel:

“Level 9/10 DMT (boys) – Curtis 6th, Jack 7th
Level 8 DMT (boys) – Connor won Gold with one of his usual really scary final pass.”

“Here are a few more TRP results:
Level 7 TRP (boys) – Andy took Bronze, Liam 5th followed by Issac, Connor and Lachland (to confirm placings)
Level 7 TRP (girls) – Cleo came 22nd”

“Some more results:
Level 8 DMT (girls) – Cleo took Silver
Level 7 DMT (boys) – Liam came 4th
Level 7 DMT (girls) – Kayla 5th, Keara 8th
Level 6 TUM (girls) – Tk came 14th”

25th September 2015 by Elliot Stratton:

“Had an amazing time getting back out on the comp floor with some really good mates!
Hit 2 passes and equaled my Personal Best, hit a worlds auto score but am lying in equal 4th in ranking.

Missed the box on 1 pass or would have been 3rd!”

“Jack got a worlds score on TRP, Cleo hit 2 passes and set and vol well,
Isaac and Liam did well on TRP but both made mistakes on DMT!

Curt did 2 good passes on dmt but unlucky on his vol after a great set!
Connor hit worlds auto score on DMT.”

25th September 2015 by Jodie Nel:

“Some of today’s results were:
Level 7 Tumbling – Kayla 4th, Keara 5th
Level 5 Trampoline (girls) – Keara 13th,  Kayla 27th
Level 5 Trampoline (boys) – Travis 11th, Adam 26th”



19 September 2015 by Trish Radotic:

“Individual All Around was also on today for Level 5 and 6 MAG. Ollie won 1st place, Ludi 4th and Matthew 6th, great effort.
Overall Team also went to our boys in Level 6. First place!
Excellent team effort.”


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