High Flyers Easter Raffle

The Easter Raffle was drawn by members of the Fundraising Committee at the Committee Meeting on Monday evening 21/3/16. The winners were:

1st Place – Jackie                                                        11th Place – Anna

2nd Place – Edrissa                                                    12th Place – Loraine

3rd Place – Ivy                                                             13th Place – Kathy

4th Place – Kristin                                                      14th Place – Kyle

5th Place – Dylan                                                       15th Place – Pam

6th Place – Jo                                                              16th Place – Kerry

7th Place – Olivia                                                        17th Place – Jo

8th Place – Kelly                                                         18th Place – Lynne

9th Place – Helena                                                     19th Place – Donna

10th Place – J.Louw                                                    20th Place – Eloise


We would like to thank everyone that participated, helping us raise $912.00.

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