A Guide to Child Safe Behaviours in Gymnastics

“This guide has been developed for younger coaches, to help explain the Gymnastics Australia (GA) Codes of Behaviour when Dealing with Children, which can be found in full at Attachment K of the Child Safe Policy. However, athletes and parents may also find this guide useful.


The general Codes of Behaviour and coaches and judges codes of ethics are also outlined in the Member Protection Policy.


Both the GA Child Safe and Member Protection Policies should be read in conjunction with each other and can be found on the Gymnastics Australia website.


In this guide you’ll learn about Child Safe Behaviours – these are a set of rules for everyone in gymnastics that will help in preventing children from getting hurt.


It is really important for everyone involved in gymnastics to know what these rules are, how to follow them and that they apply to children, vulnerable people and people with a disability.”


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Child Safe Behaviours Guide Updated

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