Club Level State 2014 Results

Team results
Club level 2- 5th and 6th place (2 teams)
Club level 3- 3rd place
Club level 4- 6th place
Club level 5- 6th place
Club level 6- 2nd place
Club level 8-10- 2nd place

Level 4
Ellie C- 2nd Overall, 1st on Vault, 2nd on floor, 4th on beam, 6th bars
Connie 5th overall,2nd Vault and beam, 3rd on bars
Jasmine- 2nd bars
Daisy 5th floor

Level 5
Megan 3rd overall, 2nd on vault and bars,
Lucy 1st on bars, 5th on vault
Chloe 5th on vault, 6th on bars
Jade 4th overall, 1st on bars, 5th on vault and beam, 6th on floor

Level 6
Jacinta 3rd overall, 3rd Vault, 4th on beam
Kate 4th overall, 3rd bars, 2nd on beam, 5th on floor
Madison- 2nd bars

Level 7
Natasha- 5th on floor
Eve- 4th bars

Level 10
Katie 2nd overall, 2nd vault, 3rd bars and floor, 1st beam
Shan 3rd overall, 3rd vault and beam, 2nd floor and bars
Charlotte 4th overall, 4th bars, beam, floor, vault

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