8 Reasons To Do Gymnastics as an Adult

We love receiving messages from parents looking to enrol their kids into gymnastics. After school lessons? Sounds fun, right! And not just for the littlies.

If you’re anything like the rest of the parents that come to our Wangara gym, it’s been 20+ years since we’ve done a handstand, and the only floor routine we’re having today is in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

Now that we are older, gymnastics appears to be *slightly* scarier but it is actually beneficial for adults to learn. Here are 8 reasons of proof (and why you should do gymnastics as an adult):

1. Find your Inner Strength

You might have not guessed it, but gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes around.

Think about it. Gymnasts perform flips, jump tricks, bars and rings galore. Opportunities are everywhere to become *super* strong and increase your upper body and core strength.

Training in gymnastics as a beginner or pro will build your resilience and strength in a fun, dynamic environment that will keep you constantly on your toes (literally).

2. Socialise and Energise

Participating in a group sport can increase your confidence and self-esteem by being around others. Create like-minded goals and bond over the routines and exercises available to everyone. Breaking a sweat and making a friend allows you to:

– Communicate and engage with each other
– Receive encouragement from peers and coaches
– Form new and valuable connections

Stay hydrated, drink H2O and get to know someone new at your next session.

3. You Can Touch Your Toes!

It’s time to unfortunately face facts…We’re not getting any younger!! This means our bodies don’t work the way that they used to.

However, gymnastics can help maintain and strengthen body flexibility. Feeling uncomfortable or tired out when you stretch? Does the motion bring a tightness to your body that you can’t enjoy? All of this will change as you work out more and practice elongated movements. First, you’ll be touching your toes, next you’ll be doing the splits!

4. Improve Coordination and Control

If you’ve ever thought that you were an uncoordinated person, you’re not alone.

Gymnastics teaches you fundamental skills towards gaining better control of your body. High Flyers guarantee after 3-6 lessons you’ll feel an improvement in your:

– Self Awareness and mental strength.
– Balance and movement between different body parts.
– Visualisation towards performing a task.

Gymnastics will help you become less ‘floppy’ with your body and can ultimately improve your coordination towards everyday tasks.

5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to be nervous. When was the last time you did a handstand, front-roll or cartwheel?

We won’t throw you into the deep end, there are many classes available that don’t involve you having to perform those tasks. We incorporate dance, stretching, balance and other aspects that are manageable for everyone, on all skill levels. You’ll learn to become less fearful and more confident in athletics and this will positively impact other areas of your life.

Gymnastics encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. Anything is possible with our helpful supervision, safe equipment and unique High Flyers environment – trust us!

6. Fall….And Fall Again

There’s an art to living, but also an art to falling. The struggle is real for both.
One we can help you with? Falling.

Falling in gymnastics is inevitable – it’s going to happen from time to time. It’s our responsibility to teach you how to safely fall without experiencing pain or an injury.

Once you’re ready to get back up? Our facilities are padded, foamed and patched up to the MAX so you can have a soft, cushie landing.

7.Laugh… And Laugh AGAIN

In gymnastics, you’ll quickly learn not to sweat the small stuff, and to laugh at yourself.

Everybody is attending the classes for the same reasons as you. Making mistakes is part of learning and having fun. To get something right you must first get it wrong,  so why not laugh about it? Of course, it’s frustrating, but we promise you’ll enjoy yourself more if you have a quick giggle over it.

8. Release Your Inner Child

Are you ready to bounce, jump, swing, dance and flip your way through our classes? No matter your age or skill set attending gymnastics will work wonders for you in many ways. Your inner child will smile with pure joy.

🖤For us? We get to teach you something that we love – gymnastics.
🖤For you? Unlimited fun. Better Health. Getting familiar with your younger self.

Express your interest by emailing reception@highflyerswa.com or book a class via our parent portal (this time for you).

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