2017 Go for 2&5 WAG Foundation Festival

This past weekend our Foundation level 1 & 2 gymnasts competed at the 2017 Go for 2&5 WAG Foundation Festival. They did an amazing job and all the hard work brought some awesome results.


2017 Go for 2&5 WAG Foundation Festival

Foundation Level 1:
Team Results: High Flyers Black Team 1st Overall consisting of Ella, Jade, Harper, Caleigh, Addison, Olivia,
                        High Flyers Blue team 3rd Overall consisting of Ellie, Sienna, Kayli, Keira, Asha
Individual results: Gold Medal winners Ella, Jade, Sienna, Keira, Caleigh, Kayli, Harper, Addison, Olivia
                             Silver medal Winners Asha, Ellie
Foundation Level 2:
Individual results: Gold Medal Winner Lexi, Hannah, Clara, Natalia, Charli, Louise. Mia
                             Silver Medal Winners Kinga, Ella, Daisy, Yasmeen, Emma, Sophie


Event Photos:


Event Link: http://bit.ly/2AMISoo

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