2017 Fundraising Competition

On the 30th of April (Sunday), we had our High Flyers 2017 Fundraising Competition for MAG, WAG, TRP and TUM. It was an amazing competition filled with smiles, brilliant passes and spectacular routines.


Here is a little breakdown of the competition results:

WAG: This event for our WAG girls was a banded event, where they would be presented with different coloured ribbons, depending on the quality of their routines. All the coaches were very happy and proud of everyone’s routines.


Level 2:
1st – Lewis Beaumont
2nd – Alex Zemtsov
3rd – Finn Hewson

Level 3:
1st – Maxwell Fine
2nd – Liam Stolp
3rd – Owen Schneider

Level 4:
1st – Jarred Brunello
2nd – Jack De Gaye
3rd – Hayden Matthews

The rest of the boys competed in a banded event.

TRP: Here are the TRP Results:

TRP Level 1 Male:
1st – Samuel Shelley

TRP Level 1 Female:
1st – Brooke Fevre

TRP Level 2 Female:
1st – Alyssa Goodridge
2nd – Olivia Whithead
3rd – Annika Korb

TRP Level 2 Male:
1st – Orlando Bryan
2nd – Ethan Harring
3rd – Riley Kriskovich and Kye Fisher
5th – Lachlan Page
6th – Ethan Schnider

TRP Level 3 Female
1st – Mia Shelly
2nd – Abbey Bird
3rd – Abby Plummer
4th – Kayleigh Lawton

TRP Level 3 Male
1st – Sam Poole
2nd – Tana Stewart
3rd – Jack Shadwick
4th – Taj Bryan

TRP Level 4 Female:
1st – Alannah Boseley
2nd – Sienna Williams
3rd Tamsyn De Vries
4th – Sienna McCafferty

TRP Level 4 Male:
1st – Blake Douglas
2nd – Beau Stroud
3rd – Daniel Karamipour
4th – Matthew Harring

TRP Level 5 Female:
1st – Jorja Carberry
2nd – Olivia Webster
3rd – Amber-Leigh Boseley

TRP Level 5 Male:
1st – Brock Klompmaker

TRP Level 6 Female:
1st – Lara Reeves
2nd – Mackenzie Jones

TRP Level 7 Male:
1st – Travis Kikalis

TRP Level 10 Male:
1st – Jack Petrie

SYN (Mixed):
1st – Amber-Leigh B. and Jorja C.
2nd – Alannah B. and Sienna W.
3rd – Mackenzie J and Lara R.

DMT Level 2 Male:
1st – Orlando Bryan
2nd – Jack Shadwick
3rd – Ethan Schneider

DMT Level 3 Male:
1st – Sam Poole
2nd – Tana Stewart
3rd – Taj Bryan

DMT Level 3 Female:
1st – Sienna McCafferty
2nd – Kayleigh Lawton
3rd – Abbey Bird

DMT Level 4 Male:
1st – Brock Klompmaker
2nd – Blake Douglas
3rd – Daniel Karamipour
4th – Beau Stroud
5th – Matthew Harrig

DMT Level 4 Female:
1st – Sienna Williams
2nd – Tamsyn De Vries
3rd – Jorja Carberry
4th – Alannah Boseley

DMT Level 5 Female:
1st – Amber-Leigh Boseley

DMT Level 6 Female:
1st – Olivia Webster
2nd – Mackenzie Jones
3rd – Lara Reeves

DMT Level 6 Male:
1st Travis Kikalis

DMT Level 10 Male:
1st – Jack Petrie
2nd – Curtis Booth

TUM: Here are all the TUM results:

TUM Level 2 Female:
1st – Lilly Smith and Talia Consolo
2nd – Olivia Moffin
3rd – Hannah McComas
4th – Yasmin El Hekma
5th – Maddie Pitt
6th – Mia Shelly
7th – Georgia Grey
8th – Samara Weaver
9th – Chelsy Klaic

TUM Level 3 Female
1st – Pippa Baker
2nd – Lexi McCafferty
3rd – Sienna McCafferty
4th – Caitlin Zwedin
5th – Tamsyn De Vries
6th – Baylee
7th – Shannon Thomas
8th – Mia Edmunds

TUM Level 4 Female:
1st – Charley Redman

Here are some of the photos of the event, hope you enjoy them!
(if you have any more images, or videos, you would like to share, please send them to media@highflyers.com)


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