Recreational Gymnastics

Gymnastics provides children with a strong foundation in movement and physical preparation required for all sports and everyday life.

High Flyers Recreational Program for 5-14-year-olds teaches children basic skills using all gymnastic apparatus. Skills are taught progressively through circuits and other activities and assist in improving strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. All in a positive, fun, safe environment! 

High Flyers is working on the Gymnastics Western Australia Foundation level routines. These routines are circuit based. Gymnasts will work at a level appropriate to their own ability. 

Assessment & Award Certificates

In-class assessments take place during each term and at the end of each term a certificate is awarded. When competency is achieved gymnasts are awarded a certificate to recognize their achievement, before progressing to the next level. Boys levels are from 0-2 and girls 1-2. 

Once gymnasts have progressed through the foundation levels, they will then work on sections and skills from 3-5 levels, which covers a wide variety of skills. There will be an opportunity for the girls to take part in the GWA foundation levels Competitions level 1 and 2 each year, but for this to be possible the competitive rate of insurance will have to be paid. Or they may join Extreme Gymnastics once 10 years of age or above. 

From our recreational program we talent ID all the gymnasts and if selected they will have the opportunity to join the competitive program squad working from ALP levels 1 to 10.